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Citra Online Experts Share Basic Overview of this Top Pain Killer

Patients often assume if a substance is derived from nature, it is safe to use; however, this does not always apply to opioid use. Natural opioids are very potent and can produce significant side effects when taken long-term. This is one of the reasons why patients choose to use medications like tramadol, including its generic. Citra 100mg painkiller contains the active ingredient, tramadol hydrochloride, and belongs to a group of medications known as centrally acting analgesics.

Below is an Overview of the Medication:


  • Citra tablets are used in the treatment of moderate or severe pain and are often referred to simply as painkillers.
  • This medication is available in 2 forms namely, immediate and extended release.
  • Both forms of the medication contain the same pharmacological structure and safety profile, the only difference between them is the duration of pain relief it provides.
  • The extended-release form is used by patients who suffer from long-term pain and require a longer duration of pain relief, whereas the immediate-release provides rapid relief.

Patients who purchase Citra 100mg in the USA find that understanding these basic components is key to eliminating pain safely and effectively.

The Use of Citra for Effective Pain Control 

Citra or Tramadol is a synthetically based opioid agonist. It has been used to control moderate to severe pain. Tramadol tablets work the same way as opioids by binding to the receptors in the brain and spinal cord that work to block the pain signals from being transmitted. However, some medical professionals believe that these painkiller tablets may also affect the neurotransmitters available in the body, similarly to how antidepressant medicine works.

Although Tramadol is considered a safe treatment to be used in the management of severe pain, there are also some potential risks and complications linked with Tramadol painkillers that are important to know about.

Additional Usage Information

Patients who buy Citra 100mg in the USA find it to be extremely tolerable and effective. However, certain pre-existing medical complexities and treatments prevent the use of the medication or cause Tramadol side effects.

The tablet should not be used by patients who the following applies to:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • A head injury
  • An addiction to alcohol, strong painkillers, or recreational drugs

Drug and supplement interactions with Citra tablets can be life-threatening. Taking Tramadol with alcohol, sedatives or other opioid medicines can cause serious health complications, including overdose.

Potential interactions and complications

Certain conditions could increase the complications. This is why, patients are advised to carefully and honestly answer all the questions asked by their healthcare provider and let them know the following:

  • Drug or alcohol abuse in current or past
  • History of depression
  • Past head injuries
  • Epilepsy or history of seizures
  • Liver or kidney problems

He/she should also be informed if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. People who are prone to addiction should not consume Tramadol painkillers.

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